A quick guide to our fees policy

As of 1st July 22, the government increased the Medicare rebate by 1.6%, which is dismal compared with the country’s inflation rate of 6.1%. The rebate that Medicare pays the doctors when you receive healthcare services no longer covers the costs to run a general practice. The government has devalued the service doctors provide to your community and doctors are unable to provide you with safe, efficient and high quality care at such low prices. Our 4 doctors have a combined experience of over 100 years in medicine, in over 7 countries worldwide, as well as running Hospitals, working as Surgeons, and working in third world countries. The monetary value the government has placed on your doctor is so low that if clinics continue to universally bulk bill, general practices will face extinction.

We currently charge fees for all existing and new patients, procedures, emergency procedures, and file transfers. 

For a standard visit we charge $81.40 and you’ll receive $41.40 back = out of pocket $40. This fee is subject to change based on the time and complexity of your consultation. Complex consultations may attract a higher fee, but your out of pocket remains the same, $40. 

Summary of your out-of-pocket consultation fees:

Short consult: $20

Standard consult: $40

Extended consult: $40

Extra Long consult: $40

**Please remember out-of-pocket fees require you pay the full amount and then be refunded the Medicare rebate. GP clinics cannot simply charge a GAP.


We still bulk-bill ALL care plans, health assessments, mental health care plan reviews, care plan reviews, recall appointments at the request of your doctor, childhood immunisations, & scheduled immunisations (this applies to ALL patients). 

For all other face-to-face consultations we bulk bill concession/pension card holders, children under 16 years and Veterans. 

New patients:

For the first visit,  we always charge $40 out of pocket regardless of the complexity. New patients who require emergency suturing may incur an out-of-pocket fee of $100.


Medicare no longer pay the doctors/clinic enough to cover overheads. Most procedures for our patients require a $50 out of pocket fee paid prior to your procedure day, this is to cover the costs of our materials. Without your contribution we cannot afford to operate on you. Implanon insertion attracts an out of pocket fee of $30, removal is $50 and insertion + removal is $70 out of pocket. Ensure you bring an up-to-date Medicare card to your appointment. 


Medicare regulations state that new patients or patients that have not seen their doctor face-to-face in over 12 months, cannot access Telehealth services. If you fit into either one of these categories you will not be eligible for a Telehealth consultation. As of Oct 20th 2023 there will be out of pocket fees for Telehealth for ALL patients. Once you have finished speaking to your doctor you will be transferred to reception to make payment over the phone. Please ensure you have your bank details linked to your MyGov Medicare online account so we can process your rebate through EasyClaim. 


How do I pay for the consult?

You can pay with credit card, debit card or cash. Telehealth must be paid with either credit or debit card only.

How do I get my rebate?

Your rebate can be refunded on the day via debit card ONLY (no credit card) for face-to-face consults. If you have your bank account information registered with your MyGov Medicare online account (Easyclaim), the rebate can be refunded this way (this is used for all telehealth). Or, we can give you a copy of your receipt and you can organise your rebate yourself.

What is a rebate?

A rebate the is price Medicare refunds you when you pay to see the doctor. For example, if you have a standard consultation you pay $81.40, you will be refunded/reimbursed the rebate of $41.40, so your overall fee is only $40. This refund must be done using a debit card ONLY or through MyGov Easyclaim. 

Can I just pay the gap (the difference)?

No. Medicare requires patients pay the whole amount and then we process the rebate straight after. General Practices cannot charge a “GAP” fee as the government has deemed this to be an incorrect method of payment. To date, the reason for this is unknown.

I have a pension/concession card do I have to pay?

No. The Government pay doctors a financial benefit to see pension/concession card holders. This is to ensure our most vulnerable members of society can still receive healthcare. We bulk-bill all concession/pension card holders, children under 16 years and Veterans. You will only be required to pay $50 out of pocket for excisions/minor surgical procedures and for all telehealth consultations. If you’re a new patient you will still be out of pocket $40 unless you’re under 16 years of age or a Gold Veteran. 

How do I setup my bank details to MyGov?

To setup your bank details to your MyGov Medicare account follow this guide:   https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/getting-medicare-benefits?context=60092  

For more information on why most clinics are dropping bulk-billing please watch this video: Why Our Clinic No Longer Bulk Bills